There I stood,

A furious gale from the valley

Blasting abruptly and heavily

All the treasures swept,

Indelible memories kept,

The baggy blown so high,

My end came  nigh,


There I stood,

Everything arid and solid,

Muteness all over  reigning,

Arena plenty of rough tough rocks,

Single touch left cracks on my hands,

Bearing the painful toll,

Yet I embrace all.


There I stood,

Baffled by a dreadful nightmare,

A panther  wrathful scaring face,

Sharp canines could hardly miss,

A real strife,… no hiss,

Peeping over the wall,

I could see it all.



There I stood,

Another  panther  on the other side,

Its  sparking eyes moving like a tide,

The sharp nails  emanating from the paws,

My arms I had to pause,,

For no perfect harmony at all,

Yet I embrace all.



A gigantic man on an erect field,

With his giant spear and shield,

His back turned at me,

Staring far away from me,

Could he hear my call?

Guess, …was an intended fall,


There I stood,

In the middle of buried goals,

No traces of contemporary souls,

Ticking clocks had stopped,

Existing life had ceased,,

The  idle wrecks  standing tall,

Yet I embrace all,


There I stood,

On the  bank,  face to face,

His  tanned face was a new phase,

Sorrowful eyes with salty tears,

A real true companion for years,

Thanks to the little beam,

I could see him.


There I stood,

Rays creeping and burying,

His hand raised and smiling,

Affording  a bogus happiness,

Horrified by  perils of darkness,

I saw him vanish.



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